Data Disposal

Data Disposal

  • Risks can evoke from a miniscule damage to a substantial one, hence, as a proactive organization we take care of the sensitive data. SIRIUS ensures that our services are designed in such a manner that they alleviate the risks and maintain the confidentiality of our customers data. It is of utmost importance to us that we find, provide and implement solutions that call for data protection of your business. To emphasis on the afore-mentioned, we use state of the art products for data wiping or data destruction which ranges from software data erasure until the destruction or shredding of physical hardware whether onsite or offsite.

Physical Destruction

  • ST uses the state of the art technology to physically destroy the data containers. The data containers can be the mobile phones, USB Drives, Tape Drives, Hard Disks or Compact Disks. We do the shredding, crushing, degaussing and demagnetization of the hardware to make sure that Data is not recoverable. The destruction of the hardware can be done either customer’s onsite or inside the premises of ST which can be administered by the customer through the access of remote CCTV cameras. All the data destruction services of ST is backed by the audit and the customer will get the data disposal certificate.

Soft Destruction

  • Sometimes its really needed to safe your investment on the hardware but still required to decompose the data in a secured and certified manner. ST provides an opportunity to overwrite the data on Hard Drives, SSDs, Mobiles or data containers in such a way that data can’t be retrieved. The erasure methodology erases any type of data, LUNs from any virtual or physical equipment in order to sanitize all your IT assets with software-based data erasure.
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